PCBA Assembly

PCB Assembly (PCBA), PCB Design & Layout, PCB Testing Services

IG8 provides turnkey PCB design and PCB Assembly (PCBA) services to small, medium and large-size companies.

Our in-house PCB electronics engineering team confirms your Gerber files, BOM and other drawings and help to modify them if needed.

Then we our partner PCBA factory begin the assembly and testing. Your boards will be assembled in a state-of-the-art facility with all the latest SMT production equipment, assembly lines, and testing machines.

Our PCB services includes:

  • PCB Design & layout (done in-house)
  • PCB Fabrication
  • Supply Chain Management – Parts sourcing
  • Surface Mount, Through-hole mount, Cable & Harness, and Box Build Assembly
  • Testing – Shape Point vendors can provide the following quality assurance and testing services:  are Board 100 % Visual Inspection
    • Mechanical to IPC-600 Class II or III
    • Assembly 100% Visual Inspection to IPC-610 Class II or III
    • Polar TDR Impedance Testing
    • PCB Board Net List Electrical Testing 100%
    • Micro-section Evaluation and Reports
    • PCB Assembly – ICT testing
    • PCB Assembly – Functional Testing PCB Assembly – Burn-In-Testing
    • X-ray for PC board registration
    • X-ray for BGA and Component Verification
    • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

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Painless China Production

IG8 prevents the pain, hassles & headaches that come with manufacturing in China.

Comfortable Communication

The IG8 team prides itself with being easy to communicate and work with.

Expert In-House Engineering

Our expert in-house engineers ensure rapid time to market & error-free production.

Competitive Pricing

We only contract out to fully vetted manufacturing facilities that meet IG8 internal compliance requirements and provide competitive pricing.

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“IG8 was helpful in taking our concept, improving on it and then producing working units in just two months. This is quite a quick turnaround time. We used other vendors in the past and it took twice as long as was three times more expensive. Keep up the great work IG8!”

Lukas J.Concept to Mass Production in 2 months!

“IG8 has truly performed in the top 3% of the suppliers we’ve worked with. They meet deadlines and deliver excellent work in a cost-effective manner. Their Western project managers are a big asset as they improve communication and eliminate the chances of error when dealing with the Chinese factories.”

Michael M.Performance in the top 3%

“We’ve been using IG8 for several orders now. Production quality is always meets our expectations and there are low defective rates. When a minor issue does arise, IG8 gets on it immediately and makes sure that it doesn’t happen again. We look forward to working with IG8 for many more years to come.”

James M.Couldn’t Be Happier!